LearningWell Who We Are

Cross-Media Publishers of Textbooks
and Educational Material

What’s NetExtra?

An innovative solution
to help you study anywhere, any time!

What’s inside?

Range of activities which include:
eBooks to read
Videos to learn from and enjoy
Assessments to test yourself

Learning Well

LearningWell is a provider of high end school textbooks. The textbooks are supported by an online educational platform under the brand name NetExtra which provides a comprehensive online teaching and testing system.

For Students

All our textbooks are present in the digital form on NetExtra. Through video animations the students can learn what is told in the lessons with fun. The animated characters take the learners through the topics giving a whole new way of learning. Stories narrated and ideas shared let the learners gather the knowledge outside the books.

For Parents

Check online homework assigned, tests undertaken and results achieved. Watch subject related videos with your kids and see them developing better understanding of the subject.

For Teachers and Schools

High quality patented teaching resources are available in Teachers area, School can use a number of management tools like teaching schedules, sending school announcements to the parents, sending automated report cards, etc