LearningWell Who We Are

Cross-Media Publishers of Textbooks
and Educational Material

What’s NetExtra?

An innovative solution
to help you study anywhere, any time!

What’s inside?

Range of activities which include:
eBooks to read
Videos to learn from and enjoy
Assessments to test yourself

Learning Well

LearningWell is a provider of high end school textbooks. The textbooks are supported by an online educational platform under the brand name NetExtra which provides a comprehensive online teaching and testing system.

How does Blended Learning Work?

  • Under the imprint of LearningWell, Ascentis Global publishes high end textbooks according to national curriculum
  • Net Extra is online product mapping the chapters of LearningWell books and presents video lectures for students and the teachers. It provides
    • Learning resources
    • Teaching resources
    • Automated administrative and communication system
  • Both teachers and students get on their finger tips high quality content. They are tested for what they have learnt and instant feedback is provided to address the weak areas.

What Big Problem Do Learning Well and NetExtra Solve?

  • It turns an ordinary school into a smart tech school.
  • Anyone having access to a mobile phone can have all that a brick and mortar school offers.
  • Handy and portable. Specially girls can use it for home schooling.
  • No extra cost. Net Extra comes free with LearningWell books.
  • Learningwell
    • Teach
    • Test
    • Continuous feedback
    • Improved performance

NetExtra Introduction